Website updated!

on Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Website has finally been updated to this century! No more huge loading times when browsing through the site. More updates will follow soon, such as finetuning the layout and returning some functionality I just removed few moments ago :)

Dawn of a new era!

on Sunday, January 1st, 2012

It’s been over 2 years since the last time anyone heard anything from us. So, what happened, where did we disappear? The answer is simple: Life happened. Most of the time there just wasn’t enough time (or interest) to spare on game development. And whenever there was time, well, from my perspective most of that time went to exploring and playing around with different platforms and technologies. But lets get back on track, shall we?

Yes! It’s true! We’re back! During this time of absence we decided we need a new name that describes us better, and lets be totally honest, the old name (Red Shadow Productions) wasn’t too sexy, now was it? So what would be the best name to describe two brothers developing games? It sure took us some time to come to a conclusion, that is: GameBros!

So, what’s happening right now? What are we working on? What are our plans? What is to be expect? Are we going to release new games soon? Is there an end to these questions?

At the moment we are developing our new website and it will take couple of months until everything is in its correct place and we can move on to game development. Speaking of which, we have already made plans for our next game, and actually, Batzy has already started with the graphics! I will leak more info about this coming project soon. Hopefully it will also give you more insight to our future plans. Stay tuned!